Sunday, December 20, 2009


I dunno if any of you guys have heard about this store, but it is freaking awesome! Well, it looks awesome. I mean, I don't normally dress all scenish anymore, but this store makes me want to go back. I mean, the stuff is interesting, and cool. Especially the noob belt I got. Baha. It kills me! But if you haven't you SHOULD check it.

Skin: *Den-Dou*- OD4 Giselle Skin- Light Set-/01 EMO1
Eyes: *MG* BigSize- Azure
Shirt and Jeans: Roxxstar- Roy Blue
Shoes: Akeyo- Chucks- HiTop
Hair: Tatum.2- Timid-Brown
>[turnstyle]- Vinyl LP Earrings- Green
>Roxxstar- Noob Belt

Berries Inc, (turnstyle), & T.Z.

Continuing my walk down the west side of Bill, the left side of the street (if you are facing away from my store Yellow Snow), is filled with talent. Berries Inc. is one of those stores.

It resides on the side of 'The Plastik' and has it's mainstore somewhere off sim. I was a bit unsure of it at first as there was hardly anything out besides two akeyo donut chairs (which totally own) and one style of shirt that she was selling. I looked up the name of the store in search, and unfortunately it wasn't listed really. But, I was able to get a lm, from the creators profile. Hence, visiting the mainstore also. And let me tell you, the stuff in here was awesome, and done nicely. I am also starting to pick up the habit of taking the freebies when I enter--- and the freebie that she has out now as her gift is hella cute. I will show a pic below. And besides that, while we say it doesnt matter--- the store LOOKS cute (well I was a bit confused as to what the back room was all about).

The second store I visited was one called (turnstyle) and when I walked in I was a bit confused. There are a ton of these face looking things that I thought were statues. BUT once they rezzed I was able to zoom in and saw these wiiiickkked cute earrings, which I just HAD to get. Seriously SERIOUSLY cute. Tried to go to the mainstore, via the owners profile, but should have read the fine print as they are under construction. Looking forward to her having a mainstore though, or at the very least making some more awesome products.

T.Z. Was next on my street (by now I had decided to see if I could get a whole outfit and blog about it). The stuff they had here was just as fab too, though it was a pair of purses that caught my eye. Honestly-- I have never been one to buy purses--- but as you will see, some of their accessories are so cute.

Skin: *Den-Dou*- OD4 Giselle Skin- Light Set-/01 EMO1
Eyes: *MG* BigSize- Azure
Sweater: Berries Inc.- Snowflake (Christmas Box)- Freebie
Hair: Tatum.2- Timid-Brown
Accessories: [turnstyle]- Vinyl LP Earrings- Green

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

blog one of a hundred...or well.. something like that

So I have finally done it. Entered myself into the world of SL fashion blogging (maybe). What I mean to say is... I just moved my mainstore to a really cool sim called Bill--- ie Starlust 'A la Mode West SIIIIIIDE (and thats said with the 'iieeed' emphasis), and I wanna know what kind of amazing stores are around me. So I am going to start on a long, I think, journey of visiting all the stores in the Starlust sims.

Lucky for me, I was landed next to a pretty awesome store that I had never even heard of. It's called 'The Plastik'. I looked them up in search and their mainstore has pretty awesome traffic, so I am sure the name is familiar to many of you, even if it wasn't to myself before this entry. (I was met with a o.O when I mentioned that I had never heard of them before to someone a bit more--- "aware"--- than I am).

But anyway, as I was saying, I am really lucky to be next to this store. The designer is wicked talented, especially with her dresses.

And honestly, the awesomness doesn't end with their name (I don't know what it is about stores with names that have words spelled incorrectly that i like so much), but in my opinion the dress I bought was:

1. Detailed. I mean, who doesn't like clothes that when you put them on, fit nicely to your body?


2. Easy to edit/needs little editing. Meaning, that when I put on the prim skirt, I barely had to do anything to it to make it fit. Just a little lifting on my avi's small frame.

Skin: Fashionably Dead- Ripe
Eyes: *MG* BigSize- Azure
Dress: The Plastik- (URL is to the Starlust Store-- there is a lm to the mainstore in the shop) Bordello- Hive
Hair: Tatum.2- Timid-Brown
Accessories: Yellow Snow- Madi's Hair Lights

Looking forward to seeing what else lies outside my darkened walls. But, if you haven't heard of 'The Plastik,' as I hadn't, definitely check them out.